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Effective Education and Safe Haven to our Young Children

Unique Methodology

Unprecedented Resources

Enjoyable Content

Unique Technology

Employ unique methods for providing the highest utility to children

Rich Vocabulary

Broader Scope

Soon with examples...

  1. A yoga class in Arabic (Tamaariyn Al-yuwgha)  eg. an Aaliy (robot) making yoga exercises and inciting children to follow...
  2. Slides on how wood lamination works
  3. Slides on baking

Survival, Environment Conscious, ...Green Skills

Slides on sensory skills

Slides on shadow casting (equator, north and south hemisphere)

Slides on shadow casting from standard lighting and selection of proper position while reading books and doing homework

To translate and build slides with 3D renderings and visualizations

  1. Ali chooses proper light while reading
  2. Ali sit on the edge of room so that direct light shines on his work area
  3. Sitting in the middle of the room typically cast one's head shadow over the work piece (homework, book, etc...)

Standard Sciences

  1. Slides on cell division, how twins are formed (false & true)
  2. Slides on respiratory & blood circulatory systems
  3. Slides on Brain parts, Neurons and sensory firing
  4. Slides on wiring a simple circuit (battariyat, silk, lamba...:)


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