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So you want to help and donate some of your time to our kids?

May Allah Reward You Here and in the Hereafter


Things will get better and look better for kids
with time :)
and your contributions of course ....

Beginner Contributors

A lot of the material found on this site is constructed by pairing images, sound files and text. Thus you to can contribute with own content.

Example 1

You want to present a bed time story, or some lesson of your choice, ...


  1. Simply put all images (scanned hand-drawings, whatever..) into a folder
    Format: JPG format preferrably but we can convert pretty much anything)
    Size: try to maintain 4:3 ratio (eg. 200x150, 300x225, 400x300, 500x475, 600x450, 800x600, etc..) this may get relaxed in the future.


  1. Add corresponding sound files to the same folder
    Format: MP3 preferred.

Build an index

  1. If there a filename correspondance between images and sounds (eg. 1.jpg, 1.mp3, ...) that's great.
    Images and Sounds filenames matching is not a must as some images may be used in different context and we could build a resource folder structure (library) from where these files could be referenced. In the meantime, supply a simple text file where you match the files. Use a blank line to indicate how things are paired . For example:



Arabic Text

  1. If there is arabic text to go along with each page compile into a text file eg. arabic.txt, one phrase/word per line.
    You may use Notepad and save-as using Encoding = Unicode.

Pack and Mail

  1. Archive the folder into .ZIP or .RAR files
  2. Email it to support@ArabicRescue.com

If you intend to build and send a large collection please send a sample first, because we reserve the right to publish it or not.

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Where these instructions Clear? Helpfull? Can we improve?
Send your comments to

Recording Your Own Voice?

Ask us about the following:

  1. What recording software to use?
  2. What settings to use?
  3. What microphone & HW you should use?
  4. ...

ask for some directions support@ArabicRescue.com


Advanced Contributors (Developers)

Flash / Browsers Pros and Amateurs

Need help here in providing or researching "How To..." type of articles here is a start:

  1. Make page sync to a desired color set from a .swf (resolved)
  2. Make flash movie sync to a desired color set from page (script)
  3. Detect whether arabic font support is available
  4. Improve current flash loaders, so content appears everytime a page is visited.
  5. ...to be done.

Need simple to follow already worked out examples

Flash Educational Animations

  1. If you have an already developed Flash based educational piece you would like to contribute, please submit.
  2. These need to be well behaved usually loaded into a parent MC but may be launched directly

Reusable Flash MCs

  1. Attention catchers...fly-around-type small animations. These can be used to keep kids interested in pursuing the current pages of the content they have visited.
  2. Cool controls eg. level indicators and meters geared towards kids eg. a pile of objects (cars, fruits, ...) to indicate progress or achievements during a quiz.
  3. ???

contact us support@ArabicRescue.com

Thank you for contribution