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This site uses extensively the following navigation controsl when various media is being played back.

So get familiar with it first.

For example,

The remaining of this page covers the various sections available.


Pronunciation with diacritical marks (Fatha, Damma, and Kasra)

The missing letter quiz



Arabic words drills corresponding to each letter

Pressing on the corresponding buttons the user invokes the words quiz drill


Counting by 2

Counting by 3

Counting by 10

The following is a number quiz on animated objects count

Quiz on recognizing the numbers 1 thru 10


The goal here is to use

In this example we use a clip from a familiar cartoons with the above sentence: "we will hide here..."

Another sentence drill, "Ahmed is the one who used the bathroom"

Using video footage relating to the resolved sentence, check out section 3




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